Thursday, 19 January 2012

"The earth does not need saving, humans do?" 
How will humans survive the next millenium and survive their greatest threat -- ourselves?

Should there be laws against the conjugation of more then 3 humans in any area? Or perhaps, should there be laws against having sex period. Would a worldwide breading program limited to test tube babies and surrogate cow mothers help bring to fruition a more peaceful, chemically balanced society based on more then what we are today? 

Would we even be ready to take on a worldwide responsibility for limiting the size of our nations well expanding our colonizing of the solar system? 

We have achieved great things on earth but will we ever achieve great things on other planets or have we reached a glass ceiling of which humans were never meant to break through? 

We have failed to control nature beyond ourselves or within, even with all the great accomplishments of the present and the past ... we have lost an entire world of knowledge in our quest for yet more understanding of ourselves and the universe. 

Do we really know any more about ourselves, our origins, our future then we did at any moment throughout history?

What does the future hold for humanity?

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